Annie Nelson, B.S.

Annie Nelson is a self-proclaimed nerd and comic book enthusiast. During the fifth and sixth years of her life, she traveled part of the world and subsequently remembers more from the time when she was five than her first two years of high school. As the third child and only girl in her family, she only wore the coolest hand-me-down Mighty Ducks t-shirts to go with her bowl cut. With Middle School came her discovery of the world-renowned Nelson Booty, and a distaste for pants-shopping ensued. Annie wore her hair in a ponytail for the first 16 years of her life as a result of thinking she looked weird with her hair down. Over the course of her last two years of high school, she discovered her passion for computers and art. As a junior, she won the Society of Women Engineer’s award for excellence in math and science. Upon receiving the award, she decided to pursue a career in art, rather than continue on the path of extreme nerdism to a career that brings in boatloads of money. Her senior year involved giving up on trying to enjoy high school and deciding to attend community college instead. During her time in community college, Annie made many friends, memories, and jokes. After her graduation from high school, she attended Minnesota State University Moorhead, where she earned the B.S. tacked onto the end of her name in three short years. This was mostly possible due to overexertion and her amazing ability to b.s. essay questions. Annie graduated Summa Cum Laude, much to her surprise, and has since been searching for a job in the Greater Atlanta Area. Since moving to Georgia, Annie has completed Orange Is The New BlackGraceland, and is currently watching NCIS because it is the best show in the history of the universe. Annie is an avid baseball fan and is currently learning how to kayak without being afraid, write cover letters that attract employers, and how to be Southern.


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